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02/08/2018 7:54 pm  

Commander's Star Log: 8/2/3304

I've decided that after the last few months it's time to upgrade to a different class of ship for exploration.  Materials are getting thin for engineering so it's time we reclaim some of these.

After running a few wing missions in Empire space, I was promoted to the rank of Baron, which gave me access to one of the most beautiful and sleekest ships I've set eyes on yet.  The Imperial Clipper.

After purchasing the 3 Clippers at Jameson Memorial in Shinrarta Dezhra, I set out to engineer all three.  One as a cargo runner and named after my wife, "Trysha Ann", one as a war ship, "Fate's Dark Reckoning", and one as an exploration ship, second ship to carry the name, "U.S.S. Discovery".

While all three are sister ships in design, their loadouts are entirely different.  The Discovery is primarily set up for reconnaissance, materials gathering, and planetside exploration.  With an impressive jump range of 39 Light Years per jump, I would say she pretty much fits the bill.

I've decided to take the Discovery and her crew back to the Sol system, where we hope to gather materials needed for future starship engineering.  Along with that, after the materials gathering, I intend to go back and explore the Generation ships, and see what new information we can find.  After that, perhaps check out the INRA sites again.

More later as it happens.

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