Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the purpose of your journey?
    While the answer to this is somewhat complicated, the basic fundamental answer is because it’s there…because the galaxy has such beautiful and wonderful mysteries to it, we choose to explore it, and learn from our discoveries.  Because we wish to witness it’s beauty and answer the age old question, “Are we alone in the Universe?”
  2. How are you traveling?
    Well this is done through a game called Elite: Dangerous, which you actually pilot a starship to different places in the galaxy.  A galactic map which is currently based on NASA’s Kepler’s Objects of Interest Catalog.  While the actual year is 2018, the timeline in the game is the year 3304.
  3. Can anyone explore?
    Yes, the game is downloadable through Steam and anyone can explore where we are.
  4. Are you really Husband and Wife?
  5. What are your passions?
    Trysha in real life is an Executive Chef, and a very good one.  You can visit her cooking page by clicking  “Chef’s Intuition”.
    Orion in real life is an accomplished guitar player, and very good at it, for someone who has never taken lessons and plays by ear.  You can listen to it by clicking “Five Stages Of Eternity”.
  6. What can we expect on your journey?
    All we can say is keep coming back to find out!