Orion Starhunter

Commander Orion Starhunter

How it all began…

Since I was a child, Astronomy has been my first love.  The beauty of the stars and planets all floating out in the vastness of space has always been a deep fascination of mine.

While born much later into the space race between the United States and Russia, as a kid I can remember the first space shuttle launch in 1981.  I remember being glued to the TV screen watching the Space Shuttle Columbia lift off at Cape Canaveral and climb towards the stars.

The immense power of the Solid Rocket Boosters as they hurled the seven man crew into orbit was something that science fiction writers dreamed of, and young kids my age wished they could be a part of.

As time pressed on, early in my teenage years I began studying the different aspects of space exploration ranging from reality to science fiction.  Star Trek, Star Wars, and all other science fiction shows became part of my life, as I still felt as though watching those shows and films, I was somehow exploring the galaxy.

At the age of 13, I got a chance to see Halley’s Comet through the view of a telescope.  I remember seeing the trailing tail of the comet, thinking about how this miracle was just out in space, devoid of human contact, and was being observed.  It was something that had been around long before my existence on this blue marble, and would be around far after my departure.  Provided we didn’t annihilate one another from a nuclear war (this is the late 80’s here), it would be around for thousands of years to come, and for millions to observe.

Saturn was officially my favorite planet, and well into the late 90’s I followed the Cassini-Huygens mission from lift off to it’s Grand Finale with great anticipation.  The pictures that were sent back to Earth from one of mankind’s most advanced probes were simply breathtaking.  The landing of the Huygens probe on Titan and the pictures it sent back of a never before seen surface was key to mankind evolving into space exploration.

From there an old friend introduced me to Elite: Dangerous, in which all the childhood dreams came back ten fold.  I had the means to travel a real charted galaxy, and do whatever I wanted, when I wanted.

The Exploration Bug finally won me over, and since then I have been flying various starships through the vast reaches of the universe, searching for the answer to the age old question, “Are we alone”.  I gladly share this journey with all of you to enjoy, and to bring back that childhood wonder and fascination we all experienced.